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Electricity Distibution Network Organisations (DNOs) have a need to be confident about the phase connection to a single phase property, either residential or commercial.  Current equipment on the market has only offered the ability to identify this phase by connecting equipment both at the local substation and at the meter point, that often is within the property and difficult to access.

The new HAYSYS PIU offers a far simpler solution and allows the phase to be identified from outside the property, within 10 seconds and with no equipment installed in the local substation.  This allows the DNOs to map a whole housing estate in a matter of hours, whereas other measurement systems would take so long, it would not be a viable activity.

Following successful trials with Western Power Distribution, Scottish and Southern Electricity and Jersey Electricity, the PIU has been launched and is now available.

Further information (Datasheet, User Manual etc.), is available by clicking here.

Updated: December 2016


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