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HAYSYS has been awarded a contract by the UK Ministry of Defence to develop a new equipment named the Centre Data & Communications Equipment (CDCE).

The CDCE is to be installed in the new Air Traffic En-Route centres operated by NATS in Swanwick in Hampshire and Prestwick in Scotland, as part of the upgraded military Auto-Triangulation system.

The CDCE connects to the remote UK national outstation equipments (ADL equipments) via dedicated telephone lines and communicates with the outstations in terms of both Speech and digital control and telemetry data.

The CDCE is the focus of the UK Military Auto-Triangulation system providing the Air Traffic Control (ATC) interface to the remote outstations (19 in England & Wales with a further 8 in Scotland) along with the interface to the operator control and display positions.

The CDCE equipment has been developed in an astonishingly short time for such a complex equipment.  This has been made possible through a development based on an appropriate mix of both bespoke design and Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products.

The CDCE equipment has now been installed at the new NATS centre at Swanwick in parallel with the installation of the remote ADL equipments across the UK.

Dated: July 2007


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